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Making Up for Lost Time August 17, 2010

Filed under: Side Dishes — lindsayrose @ 2:36 am

I try not to have regrets and I really can’t say that I have many in life.  I do however have one big one.

I regret that I spent the first twenty years or so of my life not liking sweet potatoes.

Really?  What was I thinking?  I don’t even think that I actually disliked sweet potatoes themselves.  I think I disliked the idea of them.  I decided at some point that I didn’t like them – most likely without ever having tasted them – and didn’t eat them for years.  Now, I’ve got to make up for it.  I love sweet potatoes.  I love them prepared just about any way, but this weekend we tested out a new recipe.  And I’m a huge fan.  It may be one of my favorite sweet potato recipes yet.

The recipe for Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potatoes is delicious not only because it is a sweet potato recipe, but because it adds a savory flavor to the naturally sweet food.  The mixture of spices is perfect.  Roasted white potatoes with herbs has always been one of my favorites, but for some reason I had never thought of roasted sweet potatoes with herbs.  This recipe will definitely be in our rotation of sides from now on.  It should be in yours, too!


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