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Tomato Curry Chicken March 25, 2009

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Tonight’s dinner, mady by Ross, was deeee-licious.  SO good!  And according to him, pretty easy too!  I found this recipe in the Favorites cookbook, but you can follow the link at the bottom to get the recipe on the website.  Ross prepared it just as it states in the recipe, but it is always fun to read the reviews and get different ideas.  I don’t think I’d touch this one, though.  It is just right as is.

I love curry when it is mixed with the right flavors, and this combination of curry, tomato soup, beer and other herbs and tasty stuff was just perfect.  A little bit of sweetness took the sting off of the sometimes harsh taste of curry.  I loved it and we scraped the dish clean.  We NEVER do that.  Now I don’t know what I will take for lunch tomorrow; I always take leftovers!

We had this along with some orzo.  It was a perfect combination.  If you don’t do the orzo thing, be sure to make rice or something else that you can pour the extra sauce over.  It is too tasty to waste!


Tomato Curry Chicken


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