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Quiche January 20, 2009

Filed under: Breakfast,Entrees,Vegetarian — lindsayrose @ 4:45 am

Tonight we had a meal that I made for the first time on Mother’s Day.  I wrote about it here.  I made it right this time and did puree the spinach with the nutmeg before putting it in the egg mixture.  It was definitely better this way, and it was prettier, too.  I love this quiche for several reasons:

  • using puff pastry as a crust tastes way better than a pie crust
  • layering the sauteed onions and sliced tomatoes on the bottom gives it a unique flavor, and makes it pretty
  • the pureed spinach, nutmeg and cottage cheese added to the egg mixture make it distinct from other quiches
  • it is super delicious!

I served this with the Pasta, Bean and Pepper soup leftover soup from last night.  It was filling, but left just enough room for the chcolate chip cookie sundae that I am about to indulge in.  I had to celebrate having a snow day tomorrow!!! Hooray!


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