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The Burns Family Catalina Roast January 11, 2009

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This past week, Amy posted the recipe for her Catalina Roast on her blog.  It sounded so delicious to me and I knew we had to try it.  After attending a basketball game this morning where Miss Hailey Page starred as the “most spirited” cheerleader, I decided that today would be a great day to cook this one up in the crock pot.  I already had carrots and potatoes and an onion, so all I needed was the meat and the Catalina dressing.

As I commented on Amy’s post, we’ve used Catalina dressing before as a marinade when we’ve grilled chicken or pork.  Sometimes we use it on its own and sometimes we mix it with Worcestershire sauce.  It’s really tasty!  I would have never thought to pour it over a roast, though.  As Amy directed, I sliced the onions, peeled and quartered the potatoes and cut the carrots into large chunks.  I covered the bottom of the crock pot with the veggies, put the meat on top, and poured a large bottle of Catalina on top. 


That’s it!!!!


It couldn’t have been any easier.  And… it was AWESOME!  We really, really loved this.  Ross is a good guy and always thanks me at the end of a meal – but for this one, he thanked me after the second bite!  I think he would have done it after the first bite, but he was in a hurry to get that second taste in his mouth!  I thought about seasoning it with some spices, but I wasn’t really sure how it was going to taste so I didn’t know what to season it with.  Other than a little salt and pepper on the meat, I didn’t use a thing, and I am glad.  It is perfect just the way it is!


While I was washing the dishes, I got to thinking about how I love the way that recipes connect people.  Because I can imagine myself in a kitchen 40 years from now telling my grandchildren about Amy Burns from Sanford, NC and about how I got the recipe for this roast from her blog 40 years earlier.


I will then probably have to explain to my grandchildren the ancient concept of a blog as a spacecraft flies by and a robot prepares our dessert.


3 Responses to “The Burns Family Catalina Roast”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh Lindsay — I love your post! I am so glad that you enjoyed it! It is definitely one of our family favorites (and probably the easiest recipe in my “collection!”

    I too feel that food connects us in a special way. When I make sweet tea, I think about Miss Maxine, who was my babysitter when I was little and I would watch her make sweet tea every day (and to this day, no one makes tea as well as she does in my opinion). When I make homemade biscuits, I can vividly remember the first day my granny started teaching me how. The list of memories goes on and on!

  2. emilypage Says:

    OK, now I want to try it. And I want one of those robots!

  3. molly miller Says:

    Hi Linds!!!! I would love to try this recipe! Could you print or e-mail me the ingredient list? It sounds delish!!!! I love your blog!! Love to Ross!!

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