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Sugar Cookie Pops! December 14, 2008

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Tonight, my sister Kara is hosting a cookie exchange at her house.  I am super excited because I have never participated in a cookie exchange before.  Everyone is bringing 4 dozen of one type of cookie and we will all go home with a big variety of cookies to share with family and friends. 


I really searched to find a recipe for this.  I wanted to find something that was holiday-ish (not just an everyday sort of cookie, but something special), tasted good, and was cute.  I don’t know why, but I really wanted my cookies to look cute.  I think it is because I have a complex about my cookies always being flat with craters in them and it makes me so frustrated. 


I found the recipe for Sugar Cookie Pops in my Southern Living Christmas 2007 cookbook.  They seemed easy, inexpensive to make, and they were definitely cute.  Sugar cookies coated in different sprinkles sitting atop a stick, made to look just like a lollipop!


I love these . They taste good, but mostly they are just cute and fun.  Here are some pics Ross took while I was working on them this morning!


These were pretty easy to make.  Once I mixed everything together, I just let them chill for awhile, rolled them into balls before I went to bed last night, and this morning I just rolled them in the sprinkles and baked them. 


I can’t wait to come home with a whole bunch of tasty treats!


One Response to “Sugar Cookie Pops!”

  1. Larry Tipton Says:

    Hi Lindsay
    I liked your cookie receipe. Hope the party was lots of fun. We are having a hectic week and I imagine you are. Sue

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