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The Pleasure without the Pain…Taco Bell at Home November 30, 2008

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Every now and then I crave Taco Bell.  For some reason, I actually really like the way it tastes.  However, I know for certain that after I enjoy my meal, I will soon regret it.  It always leaves my stomach feeling a little uneasy…not horribly, but not so great either. 


I always order the combo meal with the Grilled Stuffed Burrito.  I love how the tortilla is grilled to be a tiny bit crispy and the cheese and sauce inside are nice and warm and gooey.  Today, I remembered that Ross had found a recipe awhile back for the Taco Bell quesadilla sauce.  I figured we could use that sauce and our panini maker to make our own Grilled Stuffed Burritos!


We made the sauce and let it sit for a little bit to combine the flavors.  I sauteed some peppers and onions and added some chicken tenders, salt and pepper and lime juice.  We made up some Spanish rice and heated some refried beans.  We also sauteed some mexi-corn.  I love it when it gets a little blackened and crispy!


To assemble them, we just spread the burrito-style tortillas with the sauce, sprinkled some cheddar and monterey jack cheese on top, and loaded them with all of the toppings.  We wrapped them up, put them on the panini maker and in a matter of minutes, they looked just like the Taco Bell ones!


Best part… it’s been an hour and I still feel great!


2 Responses to “The Pleasure without the Pain…Taco Bell at Home”

  1. Trina Says:

    This sounds great, I love stuff like this. (and taco bell) I have to say that it is nice to see someone who keeps up with their blog; unlike somebody else we know.

  2. lindsayrose Says:

    Thank you, Trina! I have no idea who you could possibly be talking about…

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