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Thanks, Larry! November 11, 2008

Filed under: Entrees — lindsayrose @ 1:08 am

We had a delicious dinner tonight, once again in thanks to my father in law.  Larry sends us recipes when he sees something super tasty that we might like.


Now, Larry is one of the nicest guys I know.  But, between you and me… I think he has an ulterior motive.  I think he might want us to make these recipes for him and Sue to give them a night off in the kitchen!


Well, he does so well in finding good ones for us that he really does deserve a meal on us.  We might have to make this one he sent us last week for his special, honorary dinner.  Pork Chili Stew is a perfect combination of three of my favorite meals – pork tenderloin, chili and a hearty stew.  It has the kidney beans, spices and corn of a chili, the tomatoes and onions of a good stew and of course, the pork.


The recipe calls to make it in a Dutch oven or pot on the stove, but I threw it together in the crock pot this morning since Sully had a late appointment at the vet tonight.  If you do this, just be sure to coat the meat in the flour first and brown it before putting it in the crock pot.  You want to be sure to get all of those delicious flavors on the meat! 


We had this with some of Emily’s Mom’s cornbread, which is so good it deserves it’s own post.  Or maybe even it’s own column if she’ll let me.


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