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Mmmmmmexican! October 22, 2008

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Tonight for dinner we tried a recipe that was posted on another blog I frequently read, The Peppertree.  The recipe for Creamy Black Bean Soup sounded delicious, and I immediately e-mailed the link to Ross and told him we had to try it.  We decided that tonight was the night.  We both really loved this soup.  It has a great flavor and the fresh cilantro added at the end makes it taste very fresh.  It is easy to put together and pretty cheap to make.  Making this soup reminded me once again how much I love my new Mario Batali Dutch oven.

Not only does it cook wonderfully, but I am amazed at how well it cleans up.  I don’t have a single dish, pot or pan that cleans up more easily than this.  It really just wipes clean.  I absolutely love it, and in the 3 months that we have had it we have used it a ton of times.  They are pricey, but I can tell that it will last forever and we use it so often that it makes it well worth it (not that we paid for it, it was a very generous gift from my Aunt, Uncle and cousins, but still… it was their money well spent)!


Along with the soup, I decided to make paninis.  We might as well put our other favorite kitchen appliance to use.

I bought some nice, fresh sub rolls from Lowes and made a mixture of sour cream, green onion, cilantro and a little bit of cumin.  With a spatula, I spread a thin layer of it on the bread.  On top of that on each half of bread I put a slice of pepper jack cheese.

In a skillet with a tablespoon or so of olive oil, I sauteed some peppers and onions, sliced very thin.  I added 2 chicken breasts, cut into strips.  I cooked them most of the way through and added a tiny bit of taco seasoning mix and a little bit of water, then let it finish cooking. This mixture was placed on top of the bread, the top was slapped on and we put it on the panini maker to grill.


It was soooooooo good along with the soup.  We used the sour cream/green onion/cilantro mixture to top the soup with some cheddar cheese and it was so tasty.  We will have this meal again for sure.


I seem to be in a picture mood tonight and the camera was sitting on the counter when we sat down to eat, so I snapped this picture.  There is spilled soup on the counter and the presentation is nothing fancy (this is why I don’t normally take pictures of what we make), but it still looks good.  And it was.  Mmmmm.


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