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Paninis make me happy, too September 22, 2008

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With the addition of our new panini maker, we have been having sandwiches more frequently lately.  Not just any old sandwiches, either.  Really, really good sandwiches.  Ross made homemade French Dips last week.  I had guided him to a website I found, to suggest a recipe for Cheeseburger Paninis.   


I liked this site a lot, I thought it was cool how the writer led you through the steps it took to find the perfect way to make this recipe.  Well, Ross went to the site and found something else he wanted to make instead.  French Dip Paninis were awesome.  The best part about them was the roasted garlic aioli and the au jus, so be sure to make those to go along with it if you decide to try this recipe.


Tonight, Ross is grilling steaks that we are then going to use for paninis with provolone, asiago, caramelized onions, the roasted garlic aioli and the au jus for dipping.  We couldn’t let the leftovers go to waste!  I still want to make the cheeseburger paninis in the near future, as well as the Grilled Brownie Sundae Panini… ummm, hello.  It doesn’t get to sounding much better than that one!


One Response to “Paninis make me happy, too”

  1. PaniniKathy Says:

    Aren’t panini makers great? I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipes – happy grilling! 🙂

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