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Comforting Cube Steaks September 19, 2008

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…And they were just that.  This meal was very tasty.  I had to work very late tonight, and just got home and finished dinner.  Ross made this for our dinner tonight.  Comforting Cube Steaks is easy to make and requires very few ingredients.  The cream of mushroom soup makes it creamy, the onion soup mix makes it a bit salty, and the sprite makes it a bit sweet.  The cajun seasoning and pepper add a tiny bite along with the other combinations.  All together, they flavor the meat well, make it nice and tender, and create a wonderful gravy for some mashed potatoes on the side.


Ross has always been the master mashed potato maker in our little family.  He usually uses red potatoes, leaves a bit of skin on here and there, and salt, butter, milk, and cream cheese (and sometimes even a little sour cream if we have it) while whipping them up.  I’m pretty sure the cream cheese idea came from our dear friend Elizabeth.  She made potatoes that way at her house one night and we’ve copied her idea ever since. 


Ross kicked it up a notch tonight and added a few cloves of garlic and some other seasonings into the pot of potatoes while they were boiling.  I always thought my Aunt Molly made awesome mashed potatoes, too.  I think she told me once that she put an onion, sliced, in the pot of potatoes while boiling and mashed them up with the potatoes.  I am beginning to think that the secret is more in what you boil the potatoes with, not so much what you mix in afterwards (although let me tell ya, if you haven’t tried it with cream cheese and/or sour cream, you must!).


I’m already excited to have my leftovers for lunch tomorrow!


5 Responses to “Comforting Cube Steaks”

  1. kiminsanford Says:

    Something my ex-husband did to mashed potatoes sounded so weird to me the first time I saw him do it, but it really gives them a tangy flavor. He added a swirl of regular yellow mustard as he mashed or whipped them! Really good!

  2. lindsayrose Says:

    I’m not even a huge mustard fan, but that does sound good! I can see how that would add a good flavor. Thanks for the tip!

  3. kiminsanford Says:

    I’m not a mustard fan, either! I thought it was weird and almost didn’t try it, but we were just starting to seriously date and I didn’t think it would be wise to say “yuck” and not eat them! ha-ha-ha I was really surprised and have added mustard every time I make mashed potatoes since!

  4. Patty Jordan Says:

    Wow! What a great blog-with recipes! I added you to my feed!
    Patty J.

  5. lindsayrose Says:

    I am glad you like it, Patty! Thanks for checking it out!

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