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Cool New Kitchen Stuff September 14, 2008

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Ross’ sister and parents had a couples shower for us today at La Dolce Vita.  LDV is one of our favorite local restaurants, and very special because it is where we had our first date (and where we met in person for the first time!).  The food was amazing as always, and Renee, the owner, was sweet enough to give us a gift certificate from her and her staff as a gift.  That means we get to go back soon!!!

We received several new super cool kitchen items today.  I cannot WAIT to make some new recipes using these new gadgets!


First is the Cuisinart Griddler Panini Maker.  Here are pictures of it being used both ways:


How cool is that?  There are different plates that can be put in depdending on what you want to use it for, and best of all… the plates are dishwasher safe!  One of my favorite childhood memories is my Dad making breakfast for us on Sunday mornings on the griddle.  It has been many years since I’ve had that breakfast, and I can’t wait to cook one up.  I am also excited about making some super delicious sandwiches!


Our next awesome Cuisinart gift is the blender/food processor combo.  They have some pretty smart engineers at Cuisinart.

There are a few recipes that I have wanted to make that need a food processor and we haven’t had one.  Potato soup will be made at our house in the very near future!  Also, I think my sister and I ruined my last blender by making too many margaritas and crushing too much ice.  This one has a special ice crusing setting, so I think we’ll be all set.  We even got a recipe today for beer margaritas, so we might have to make up a batch of those to test out the new blender! 


We also received the Black and Decker electric carving knife.  Ross has pretty much perfected making roasts, and this will help it to look much nicer when it is served! 


We also received tons of other cool gifts, including lots of stuff for the house and garden.  Thanks to everyone, today and over the past few months, who has given us so much cool stuff!


3 Responses to “Cool New Kitchen Stuff”

  1. emilypage Says:

    Let me know if you need a margarita tester! That is very cool that they gave you a gift certificate! Glad you had fun and got lots of cool new stuff!

  2. Chris Lucas Says:

    Lindsey –

    Katharine and I have the same cuisanart grill… It’s great isn’t it! It’s awesome for panninis, and I use it for pancakes every Sunday 🙂


  3. lindsayrose Says:

    Hey Chris! We are really obsessed with it. We use it more than the stove/oven I think! It is the best mini-appliance ever!

    We’ll be over for pancakes tomorrow!

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