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A Little of This and a Little of That September 10, 2008

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We have been making a very conscious effort to grocery shop a little smarter the past few weeks.  Since we do love to cook… and eat, it can be very easy to get a little carried away when shopping for food.  We’ve been trying harder to stick to our original plan from when we first moved in together:  to sit down on Saturday or Sunday, plan all of our meals for the week around our schedule and grocery shop for those ingredients.  We started out strong last year and then life got crazy and we slipped.  We’ve been much better about it the past few weeks and are saving ourselves hundreds of dollars per month.  Nice!


With our wedding coming up in only 25 days (!!!!!), we are trying even harder to save money.  There are a bunch of little things here and there that we need to spend money on before the wedding, so we need to save in other areas.  Ross had the great idea of buying a whole chicken at the grocery store this week.  We will get three meals out of this chicken that cost only a little over $5!


On Sunday, I boiled the chicken.  I put it in a pot and covered it with water, added a few stalks of chopped celery, 3 carrots cut into chunks, a sliced onion, a few bay leaves, a palmful of peppercorns and some salt.  I brought it to a boil, turned it down, covered it and let it slowly boil for about 90 minutes.  Some reviews I read online said the flavor is better and the meat remains more moist if you let the chicken cool in the broth, so that is what I did before I put it in the fridge.  Yesterday, I pulled all of the meat off of the bone and set the broth in a separate container in the freezer.  I can’t wait to make homemade chicken noodle soup out of this broth next week.


Tonight for dinner we had Hot Chicken Salad, a recipe we’ve made before and really enjoyed.  It tasted delicious, and one of the great things about it is that it makes enough to have lunches for the week.


Tomorrow or the next night we will make Chicken and Dumplings, which will be perfect if we have rough weather coming through.  There is nothing better than a good comfort meal on a rainy night.  More on that after we make it!


So, there’s our 3 meals with our $5 chicken.  It’s been awhile when we’ve had so many tasty things for such a bargain.


One more note:  For dinner last night I made Kielbasa with homemade German Potato Salad.  I was pretty disappointed with it.  It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t like it was supposed to be in my mind.  If anyone has any good recipes for a homemade German Potato Salad I would be oh so happy!  Now I have a craving that just wasn’t satisfied.  Thanks!


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  1. […] some of the meat off of the chicken and brought it out tonight to make chicken noodle soup.  In my original post, I described how I boiled the chicken.  The flavor of the broth really depends on what you add to […]

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