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Oh. My. Gosh. August 11, 2008

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That was all Emily and I could say over and over after we conducted our “research” today.


Amy Burns of Amy’s Confection Company said today that she would be able to make treats as favors for the wedding.  Immediately, Emily and I figured that in order to make a proper informed decision, we better head over to the Shops of Steele Street and taste a few things so that we knew what would be just right for the guests.  Having heard so much about the Carolina Cake Truffles, we had to try those. 


Oh. My. Gosh.


We really couldn’t find any other words.  They are that good.  Even after hearing from so many people how delicious they were, I still didn’t think that they would be that good.  If you haven’t tried them, you must do so!  I joked to Emily that I was treating the box as though it were my child.  I carried it into every store we went in to to shield them from the hot sun.  I am also being careful to only let people try them who I am sure will truly appreciate the pure deliciousness of them.


If you promise to really enjoy them as they deserve to be enjoyed, head over to the Shops of Steele Street and get yourself some!  Also stop by to visit Amy’s blog to see some of her amazing talents!


3 Responses to “Oh. My. Gosh.”

  1. Kim Says:

    It doesn’t take much to become totally hooked on Amy’s Carolina Cake Truffles (or anything else she makes, but those in particular)!!!! A bunch of us at work used to order them through Christy Shook when Amy first started making them and we immediately nicknamed them “crack balls” because of their addicting qualities!!!! The only risk you will take in having them as a treat at your wedding is that they might be more popular than the cake!!!!

    Welcome to the Truffle Lover’s Club — we may be forming a support group — but only if Amy joins and promises to bring free samples to feed out addiction!!!!

  2. burnsblog Says:

    You girls make me blush!!! Thank you for the post Lindsay, and thank you, Kim — one of my biggest supporters ever!!

  3. […] tested some cake truffles today and, to my delight, loved them (you can read about the experience here).  I am always excited to hear reviews after someone tastes them for the first time — it […]

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