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Fantastic Black Bean Chili July 31, 2008

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One of our gifts from my shower in NY this past weekend was a Dutch oven.  I’ve seen lots of recipes that say to use a Dutch oven, and seen lots of them used on the Food Network, but never had one myself.  I was so excited to receive this gift.  While I was making the drive home from NY, I gave Ross the task of searching for recipes that we could make to test it out.  It’s been a hectic few days, but he decided to put it to use tonight.  I had to be in Raleigh after work, so being the great guy that he is, he had dinner waiting for me when I got home.  Fantastic Black Bean Chili was just that… pretty fantastic.  The Dutch oven proved to be everything that we thought it would be.  I can’t wait to experiment with it more!


Ross made a few changes to the recipe, adding some extra Italian seasonings and about 1/2 bottle of beer (which makes any chili a whole lot better).  We served it with cheddar cheese and sour cream on top.  I was a little distraught because one of the most disgusting things in the world to me is the liquid that canned beans come in.  This recipe called for the cans of beans to be undrained.  Ross was smart and didn’t tell me this until after I had taken my first bite, knowing that I would be turned off by the bean juice.  However, it was so tasty that it didn’t even matter to me.


4 Responses to “Fantastic Black Bean Chili”

  1. Jay Riley Says:

    Dutch Ovens are the best. Being a formerly avid camper, it’s an amazing tool for making your favorite desserts as well!

    Check out Cee-Dub’s website for dutch oven recipes:

  2. lindsayrose Says:

    Thank you! I am excited to check it out. The thought of desserts cooked in there makes my mouth water!

  3. I’ve created a link to this post in the “Recipes” section of our newest “Cast Iron Around the Web” entry at

  4. lindsayrose Says:


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