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Buffalo Sauce-Round 2 July 7, 2008

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We went ahead and followed through with our idea for the extra Buffalo sauce from our Buffalo Chicken the other night (see recipe in post below for the Buffalo sauce) and made Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  We both agreed that it was our favorite homemade pizza that we’ve made.  We used a Boboli crust from the grocery store and topped it with the Buffalo sauce.  We chopped and cooked 2 chicken breasts and tossed some mushrooms in at the end.  That mixture went on top of the sauce, and was topped with shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese and chopped green onions.  It baked for about 10 min at 450 and tasted wonderful!  I had searched for recipes earlier today and many of them included Blue Cheese in the pizza, but I just dipped my pizza in it and Ross used Ranch. 


On another note… how did I forget in the 5 years since Sully was a puppy just exactly what it was like to have a puppy?  Don’t get me wrong, we love Luna a little more each day and would never dream of giving her up, but tonight she is DRIVING ME NUTS.  As soon as I can get her to stop biting my legs (why do I always choose herding dogs for my pets?  They can’t understand that I am a HUMAN, not a sheep or cow that needs to be herded), she will pee.  We’ll take her out, she’ll come in, bite some more, pee some more.  And she even had her first #2 accident today.  Actually, it was her first 3 #2 accidents.  I’ll spare the details.


It will get better… It will get better… It will get better…


One Response to “Buffalo Sauce-Round 2”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    ……….it will get better…it will get better!! just think how cute she is!!!!!!!!!

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