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Fourth of July July 5, 2008

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I didn’t cook anything on the Fourth because it wa a super busy day.  Stepping Stones organized the kids area at the Depot Park celebration.  We were out there all day and had a good time with a great turnout.  Many, many thanks to the hundreds of people who supported us and our playground project!


After the festivities in Depot Park, Ross, Katie and I headed to Regency Park in Cary for their celebration.  I have been to this once before and it is my favorite way to spend the Fourth of July.  I love all of the patriotic music that the many different bands play.  Before the fireworks, the North Carolina Symphony plays and it is beautiful.  The fireworks over the lake are a perfect way to wrap up the celebration.  We didn’t go last year because we had just closed on our house and were painting.  Also, Ross was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets, so we pretty much hung out at home in case of a bad reaction (luckily that didn’t happen).  So, this year I was psyched to be heading back to Regency Park.  Here is a timeline summary of our evening.

6:30: leave Sanford

7:00:  arrive at Regency Park

7:20:  finish our long walk to the ampitheatre and find all of our friends, pour a drink

8:00:  rolls of thunder begin in the distance, a sprinkle or two falls

8:30:  LOUD thunder begins, everyone packs up in record time

8:35:  start walking to the car

9:05:  finally arrive at the car (took longer on the way back because EVERYONE was walking at the same time), ring out our shirts and hair and climb in, start the engine.

10:37:  finally pull out of Regency Park 


Yes, that was approximately an hour and a half in the parking lot.  The whole time sitting there, sopping wet.  Never did we see so much as a spark in the sky (not man-made at least, Mother Nature provided plenty), but oh well, we still made the best of it and had fun.  Here are a few shots from our night.


2 Responses to “Fourth of July”

  1. trecey Says:

    does katie have a bud kight in her lap…..drunkards….that’s all i gotta say……at least you’re fun drunks though:)

  2. lindsayrose Says:

    ummmm, she was totally just holding that for someone 🙂

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