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Hot Mexican Spinach Dip June 30, 2008

Filed under: Appetizers,Life,Vegetarian — lindsayrose @ 12:40 am

The hot in this dip is as-in-temperature hot.  The spicy-hotness can be adjusted to your liking!  This is a dip that my friend Elizabeth brought over one night when she and her husband Keith came to visit.  We really liked it a lot.  It is a great combination of cream cheese, salsa, spinach and even evaporated milk.  The red wine vinegar sprinkled on top adds a perfect finishing touch.  We had lots of visitors today to visit our new puppy, Luna, so I wanted to make something for people to snack on.  This was just right as it was tasty and also met our vegetarian guest’s needs!


And because she is oh-so-cute, here are a few more pics of Luna!




2 Responses to “Hot Mexican Spinach Dip”

  1. Jon Says:

    That’s a cute puppy! But she has much work to do to unseat Sully, who stole my heart the other night while Ross, Gordon and I played Nintendo. I will steal that dog one day!!!

  2. lindsayrose Says:

    I heard you and Sully became good friends! Stealing him is never allowed… but you can borrow him anytime!

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