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Chicken a la Oscar June 16, 2008

Filed under: Entrees — lindsayrose @ 11:58 pm

We tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.  The base recipe came from, but we changed it up a bit.  The original recipe is for Turkey a la Oscar.  Chicken was on sale at Lowes this week (go stock up!) so we used that instead.  This recipe couldn’t have been easier to make and was a delicious combination of flavors.  The basic idea is chicken (or turkey) topped with asparagus and shrimp and covered in hollandaise sauce.  Based on the reviews of the recipe, we used chicken instead and pounded it down a little before cooking.  I also added some mustard to the hollandaise sauce.  I planned on adding tarragon as well, but we didn’t have any.  The major pros to this recipe are that it is easy, cheap, and tasty!  It also looks pretty when served.  We didn’t make a side dish, but it would be good with pasta, rice or orzo.  Give it a try!


**I forgot to add… I have never had canned asparagus, or frozen.  I used fresh asparagus and sauteed it until it was tender in about 1/2 T of margarine and 1/2 T of olive oil.  That’s my favorite way to cook asparagus!


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