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Long Live the Chicken a la King! June 13, 2008

Filed under: Entrees — lindsayrose @ 1:23 am

Chicken a la King was always one of my favorites when I was young.  My Mom would make it and put it in puff pastry shells.  Do they still make those?  I can only ever find puff pastry sheets, I haven’t seen the shells in years.  This recipe uses biscuits and the Pillsbury Grands taste almost like the puff pastry shells.  It’s a great meal, and quick and easy to make.  This is a Rachael Ray recipe that I made for the first time a few years ago.  I think it might have been the first real meal I made for Ross.  I’ve really been craving it, and meant to make it this week but we never really made a formal grocery shopping trip this week.  We’ve just kind of made what we could make with the stuff that Ross bought on Sunday.  We’ve done pretty well so far!  Anyway, here is the recipe for the meal I am craving, and plan to make in the very near future.,1977,FOOD_9936_28542,00.html


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