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A rough day calls for comfort food May 29, 2008

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Today we took our preschool class to the zoo. 


Field trips are always a struggle of mine.  I think that they are of wonderful educational benefit and a great way to give children experiences that they may not otherwise have.  That being said, they STRESS ME OUT.  Being responsible for 13 children who aren’t mine in a public place with many other adults and children is stressful.  I count non-stop.  Emily and I always joke that as soon as we finish counting the kids and come up with the right number, we start counting again.  Losing a chlid would be my worst nightmare come true.  Today, losing a child wasn’t so much a concern.  We were at the NC Zoo and it absolutely poured all day long.  This morning, I thought it would be  the perfect day for a zoo trip… slightly overcast with a drizzle here and there.  All of the animals would be out playing.  Well, the slight drizzle in the forecast was a little off.  As Emily put it, there weren’t showerS, there was A shower – one non-stop shower all day long.  And it was freezing.  So, the kids stayed huddled close to us to keep warm and there wasn’t so much a fear of losing one of them, just the need to console them and promise them we were trying to get them somewhere warm and dry.


After having the children safe and sound in the arms of their own families, I was looking forward to coming home to a warm shower (I also got peed on somehow today, which I sadly didn’t realize seeing as though I was already soaking wet.  My clue was my own stench on the ride home.  Nice.).  So, dinner tonight was something fast and easy… the old chicken and rice standby.  Just put the chicken in a pan, dump cream of mushroom soup over it, bake and serve on rice.  I don’t know why it always tastes so good when you need a warm meal, but it just does.  And besides tasting good and warming you up, comfort food always reminds me of home and growing up, which just puts a smile on my face.  Just what I needed at the end of a long day!


**Side note:  Last year’s zoo trip ended with me being brought back to the center in a police car.  That’s 2 strikes.  Not so sure I’m going for a third next year.  Town and Country down the street is lookin’ pretty good for any future animal viewing.


3 Responses to “A rough day calls for comfort food”

  1. emilypage Says:

    This made me laugh…esp. since I had just finished my post and had to include the part about the police cruiser!! Hope you smell better 🙂 I am all bundled up and I am STILL cold!

  2. joellenhemink Says:

    oh, I feel for you… I took my TWO children to our zoo last week in PERFECT 65 degree weather and it was stressful at times.

    and I know what you mean about counting heads… I have watched kids for MOPS before and I figured out from that that God has another form of volunteer work for me somewhere but that is definitely not it. I am too much of a worry-wart and I am sooooooooooooo grateful for you wonderful people who care for my children!!!!!

  3. lara tipton Says:

    Too funny…you know I cracked up about the peed on part! look forward to seeing you later on today 🙂


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