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Spaghetti Salad and Super Good Burgers May 20, 2008

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This cold spaghetti salad is one of my favorite summer salads.  It’s like a pasta salad, but with a twist!


1 lb spaghetti

1 green pepper

2 cucumbers

1 onion

3 carrots (or dump in a bunch of the matchsticks, I used about 1/2 bag)

2 tomatoes

1 jar chili sauce

1 c. Italian dressing

pepper, salt and garlic powder to taste


Boil pasta.  Toss with chili sauce and dressing.  Dice vegetables and add to pasta mixture.  Add seasonings to your liking.  Chill and serve.


Ross made burgers last night on the gril and they were the BEST burgers EVER.  He cut up a piece of really good steak into tiny pieces and tucked them into the middle of the burger before grilling.  I am not sure, but I think he brushed a mixture of worcestershire sauce and balsamic vinegar on them while they were grilling.  They were so incredibly good.  It tasted like a burger made out of fine steak.  Delicious.  Even Sully knew they were something special, he was going so crazy that we had to put him in the other room while we ate!  We had them with fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob.


One Response to “Spaghetti Salad and Super Good Burgers”

  1. burnsblog Says:

    This is very similar to my most favorite pasta salad, but I do not use the jar of chili sauce. I am definitely adding it next time! It sound delicious! I’m not letting Jonathan see the info about the burgers or he will be cutting up steak tomorrow night!

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