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Lots of Eating Out May 12, 2008

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My Mom came to visit from NY this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day with us.  As always when my parents visit, we ate out a lot!  Here are some highlights of the meals we ate.


Thursday night:  Kara, Elizabeth and I ate at South in North Hills in Raleigh.  It is Kara’s favorite restaurant.  I hadn’t been there since it became South (used to be Restaurant Savannah).  It has a great trendy atmosphere and a great menu to go with it.  I chose Shrimp and Grits.  I love shrimp but can’t make it.  I don’t know what I do or don’t do, but it never comes out well.  I had Shrimp and Grits for the first time at Bella last November.  I am not sure if this beat it or not (might need to go back to Bella so I can compare!) but it was great either way.  I highly recommend South as well as this dish!

Friday lunch:  Mom and I went to Twisted Fork at Triangle Town Center while we were doing wedding errands.  We both had crab cakes and they were excellent, better than I expected at a mall restaurant. 


Friday dinner:  Lucky 32 in Cary.  This is one of the restaurants that I forget about a lot and am always glad when I remember it.  I had Shrimp and Grits again!  I guess I had a serious craving this weekend.  It was great again, this one was spicier with some andouille sausage and the grits had a different texture (as a Yankee I admit I know nothing about grits, but these ones were firmer it seemed).  Kara had black bean cakes which she couldn’t finish so I had to help her out.  They were excellent.  Ross had meatloaf which I also had to try and it had lots of spices in it that made it different from any other I’ve tasted.  I would order it on a future visit!


Saurday Lunch:  After a trip to Southern Pines to do more wedding errands, we ate lunch at the Dairy Bar.  This was my Mom’s one request for her trip here.  Last time she came, we stopped there for lunch and she had her first serving of warm banana pudding.  She told me she had been dreaming about it since and needed more!  We all had a great meal and of course, a great dessert!


Saturday dinner:  Kara treated Mom and I to dinner at The Mint on Fayetteville Street Mall.  The Mint is a super swanky restaurant, they even brought Mom and Kara black linen napkins to replace the white ones since they had more dark colors in their outfits.  I had grilled tuna which was excellent.  It was cooked just right.  For a fancier restaurant, I was impressed with the portion.  I have a big appetite and fully expected to leave there starving, but I didn’t.  After dinner we took Mom to Napper Tandy’s to see 80z Enuff, our favorite band.  They were great as always!


Sunday was Mother’s Day dinner here at our house.  We had a great time with my Mom, my sister and Ross’ parents.   Ross’ sister, Lara couldn’t make it due to not feeling well and we missed her.   I’m exhausted after a long day, so I’ll post some recipes from our dinner tomorrow.  It was a great weekend filled with lots of great food and company.  Luckily with lots of wedding events coming up this summer I know I will see Mom again soon.  It’s always easier to say goodbye when I know it won’t be another 6 months before I see her again.  We missed Dad and wish he could have been here, too.  Next time!


2 Responses to “Lots of Eating Out”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Lucky 32 (it’s about 10 minutes from my house) but have never been there (a friend told me it was overpriced for what you get). But after reading your blog, I now have to go. I am a huge shrimp and grits fan, and the black bean cakes sound fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  2. lindsayrose Says:

    If you get the chicken, I agree with your friend. The chicken portions are small. Everything else I have been satisfied with! Let me know what you think!

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